I’m a super crafty person! I enjoy making pretty things and I like to think that I do a decent job on it! One of the things I enjoy making are diaper cakes!

My inspiration comes from the theme of the shower and the expecting mommies. I mainly use fabrics and ribbons, I’ve never been one to add baby items – such as bottles, pacifiers, or toys, I feel like these items take away from the design of the cake which tends to look really busy and messy.

CAKE 1: Baby Leila
Color scheme: black&white damask with a hint of pink
I didn’t realize how easy it was to make a diaper cake since I practically made this overnight! Loved that my first cake turned out pretty amazing!

CAKE 2: Baby Mason
Theme: Paper + Pinwheels
This 3 tier cake was so much fun to make. The tricky party was figuring out how to incorporate the florals on there. I purchased the florals from Michaels and use pearl pins to hold it in place. Doesn’t it remind you of a wedding cake?

CAKE 3: Baby Nathaniel
Theme: Little “Mustache” Man
Probably my most favorite cake of all!!! I mean everything about it is so absofreakinlutely adorable!!! There were no tutorial on this, I just had an idea and basically just ran with it. I went to Goodwill and bought the cheapest black suit jacket and basically ripe the whole thing apart and piece by piece this beauty came about!

CAKE 4: Baby Addie
Theme: A Winter Wonderland
A simple two-tier cake design. I use a lot of white lace and pearls and added mini pinwheels on top to give it more color.

CAKE 5: Baby Gavin
Theme: Owls
I made this cake for a friend of a friend WHO’s big into nature and of course owls!!!

CAKE 6: Baby Cayden
Theme: Pirates
ARGH!!! This one was a toughie!!! I didn’t really know what I was doing, I just knew that I wanted a pirate ship with little pirate diapers holding swords and tada – this happened!

CAKE 7: Baby Jacob
Theme: Bears
So ‘beary’ happy with this cake!

CAKE 8: Baby Eden
Theme: French Bulldog
This diaper cake was just too DOG gone cute! Love love love everything about it!

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