It has been quite some time since I last visited Universal Studios Hollywood – so coming back here after 20 years felt like I was visiting the place for the very first time! Which it was since the only thing that felt familiar was the Jurassic Park ride!

Now I’m all about riding more and waiting less at Universal Studios, but when you have a baby, though, all hopes of riding the attractions quickly goes up in smoke. Or does it? They now have the perfect system for families traveling with the tiniest of tots…Child Swap. And it is the best thing about the park! Me and Andre basically took turns riding the rides while the other waits with Avery and then switch off. The lines are much faster with less than a 10 min wait so it was nice to be able to get out and enjoy the rides!

This is an incredible theme park with thrilling attractions that completely immerse you in the movies and TV shows that you enjoy such as The Walking Dead and The Simpsons! Plus, they now have The Wizarding World of Harry Potter…it was every bit as magical as you’d expect, but not as magical as going to the actual studio in London!

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