I’m celebrating another birthday this weekend. More specifically, I’m celebrating my 35th birthday this weekend.

When I turned 30, I hit what I thought was my scary age. And the funny thing is…it was my scary age. It was the year I was hit with cancer, more specifically Leiomyosarcoma (LMS) a type of soft tissue sarcoma. But that’s not what I wanted to blog about.

Then 35 became the new 30 and I’m here and shocker – it’s not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. I wish I could say I felt all hell yes I’m 35 – go me a few weeks ago but it was more like “holy sh*t you’re 35 and now you’re advanced maternal age.” My doctor assured me that I should not feel doomed and neither should you.

Even though my plans of where I should be didn’t quite work out, I remind myself that I am exactly where I should be. I have an amazing guy who loves me deeply, a one year old boy who is just the center of my life, a great circle of friends, I’ve traveled to places I have only dreamed of, launched a blog, and grew personally.

Call it a perk of aging, but it wasn’t long before I came around and realized that I have learned too much to waste any time worrying about getting older or wishing that my life be anything other than what it is right now. My 30s have been so much better than my 20s, so what am I holding on to? Probably firmer skin, but whatever. I’ll keep using face masks and continue to enjoy my life. To have hope that things will continue to work out like they should.

We never have it all figured out, even after writing blog posts that sound like we do. But the best part about this life thing is that we’re always learning. 28-year-old me would say I’m five years late on marriage and a big house. But she’d also be so proud of the life I created for myself. 35-year-old me would say I’m really happy and wouldn’t change a thing.

So hell yes. This is thirty five.

And to celebrate, my friends and I rented a cabin at Suncadia and enjoy the SNOW!

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