Can you believe this little bunny is 1? Me either. He is the cutest, silliest, sweetest tiny person I’ve ever known, and it amazes me daily that he is mine. He turned 1 on Sunday (1 week ago) and it was fun to celebrate as it was also Easter Sunday (hence the party theme) and then the following weekend we had his big (Golden) birthday celebration with family and friends! Sharing all the party pics and details!

So much planning went into his first birthday that I’m sooo glad that it is done and over with. I’m so exhausted but everything turned out absolutely amazing and I couldn’t be happier with all the end results.

We also had a fun little easter egg hunt and a piñata waiting outside for the kiddos!

Of course, I can’t end this post without thanking all the people that made this day a special one for Avery!

a big THANKS to
Grammy & Nana for EVERYTHING!
My sister Diane & niece Jaci for coming all the way from California to help decorate and party prep the night before.
My 2 besties Stephy & Leila for coming all the way from San Francisco and bringing down the crew to help with food and decor! You guys killed it on the keleguen and nesting eggs dessert.
Baldevia fambam for lending us your beautiful home and turning into a fun filled birthday event.
my person Mel for making my vision come to life. I love all the banners, party favors and treats you were able to put together with the help of that wonderful device called the Cricut – I need to get me one of those!
Joleen for the beautiful One Year Milestone board, I never want to erase that thing.
Jaimee and Uncle Renee for the smash cake that never really got ‘smash’ and the fence decor.
Muriel for the those delicious cookies & cucumber salad.
Special thanks to Mich, Jonell & Gen for helping set up and putting things together.

Thank you to everyone who can and celebrate this special day with us!

I have never felt a love so big and unconditional.  Somebody told me that the love we feel for our children is the closest thing we will know or feel that compares to God’s love for us.  I love that.
Happy birthday to my baby love!!  You melt my heart every day.

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