It was our first year to visit the Washington State Fair together as a family! We went early Saturday morning, which was perfect! There were no lines or waiting at food stands, games, rides and even the restrooms. Our main goal was to (1) eat delicious Fair foods, (2) play games and win prizes, and (3) take Avery on his first ‘Fair’ ride! And let me tell you now, 2 out of the 3 were successfully accomplished! Ha! I was super stoked to get Avery on the train only to get turned down because he wasn’t tall enough. Poor guy, didn’t even see it coming. Luckily we bought his McLaren 570S Push Sports Car so it was like he was on a ride the whole time!

We started off at The Farm at SillyVille which is an exciting new attraction that was a total hit with Avery! He loved the whole “farmer for a day” experience – getting to ‘drive’ a tractor, gathering eggs from animatronic chickens, to seeing live chicks! He didn’t even want to let of that lunchbox which you have to fill with food from every station and at the end you get a treat!

Afterwards we had lunch – Kusty pup, corn on the cob, Fisher Scones – too delicious that I gobble everything up before getting a pic! Oops! Then we ventured to my favorite game!  Skee-ball!!!  After a couple more games, Avery was starting to get fussy which usually means that it’s time for his nap.

So we said farewell Fair, will see you next year!

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