Summer is the reason people live in the Northwest. They brave the grey skies and winter for the extended 14 hour days of sun in the most anticipated season of the year. I heard it often when I first moved to Seattle, “just wait for summer”. I wasn’t about to hold my breath until June so I learned to love (or at least live contently) through the less inspirational months and patiently watch as the seasons pass.

But Summer has arrived and I’ve made it a personal goal to spend as many weekends outdoors and to venture on a hike or two! I haven’t done a hike in over a year now – I blame it on having a baby! So I researched a doable hike near the city where my friends and I could enjoy.

Snow Lake became the destination despite holding the title of most visited lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. I’ve done Snow Lake before but never made it all the way to the lake because – funny I should mention this, but there was just TOO MUCH SNOW! There was no way down without someone hurting or possibly killing themselves. So this was one of those hikes that felt like I still needed to check off my list. Starting off the hike and man – I don’t recall having to share the trail with hundreds of humans and dozens of dogs! I had a brief moment of silly frustration over the congested trail and then recognized I needed to jump off my high horse quick. Of course everyone else was going to be hiking to a lake on a gorgeous 80 degree PNW day. Did I really expect anything less? The situation was perfect as is. We should all be outside and enjoying the mountains. And everyone we passed were so nice and obviously elated to be outdoors.

Hope you’re getting outdoors this weekend! If you have any favorite Northwest hikes share them in the comments! Also don’t forget the essentials : water, lunch & snacks, sunscreen, bug repellent, patience & a smile for all the fellow hikers!

  • Distance: 7.2 miles (all distances round trip)
  • Elevation gain: 1800 ft.
  • Highest point: 4400 ft.

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