My friends and I originally wanted to do a ‘Ladies in Waiting’ group costume and when the Medieval dress that I ordered online didn’t fit to my liking, I was scrabbling for a last minute costume! And when it comes to costumes, I love super easy and simple ones – and thought a pineapple would be perfect! As the saying goes, stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside!

While doing a quick google search, I came across a leaf sprout template from Studio DIY and use that as my pineapple crown!

Here’s how it all came together!

Green felt
Hot glue gun
Toilet paper roll
Yellow dress (I ordered mine from Amazon here)

Cut out all your leaves from your felt using the template provided. Once everything is cut, it’s time to start gluing! Hot glue the four largest leaves around the cardboard tube, covering the entire tube.
Now move to your second largest leaves and continue repeating these steps, working your way down the tube until you reach the bottom.

Since my top leaves were getting pretty floppy, I added some wires that I had lying around and use those to keep the largest leaves from flopping over. I also covered them with felt since I didn’t want them to be showing.

For the headband, simple hot glue the tube to the headband (use a lot of it!).

Now add on the yellow dress and if you wanna be extra…throw on a yellow coat as well and Ta-Da…everyone will be saying that’s one ’fine-apple’


Happy Halloween & Happy Birthday Mom!


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