Besides the fact that my mom’s birthday falls on Halloween, I’ve always loved dressing up and going out with friends! I never really dressed up for Halloween before, only when I moved to Seattle did I realize how fun it can be to dress up as your favorite cartoon character, celebrity, princess, super hero, or occupation.

As I’m looking through halloween photos going back 10 years, I must say that I am getting old! I just don’t look forward to going to the over crowded night clubs anymore. That’s all history! It’s the house/costume parties I look forward to this time of year. Besides, who likes waiting in line to get into a club in the cold, damp Seattle weather?

Another thing that I’ve noticed from past Halloweens is that I’ve become more and more creative with my costumes. Instead of spending well over $60.00 for a skimpy costume I’d likely use once, I realized that making my own costume is cheaper, more fun, and one of a kind!

So thanks to Halloween for giving me a reason to dress up these last 10 years!

2005 – Police Officer
Come on, you know that you’ve been a police officer before…I mean who doesn’t want to get arrested by a naughty Policewoman!
2006 – Construction Worker
You dream it and I’ll build it!
2007 – Pirate
Argh Matey!
2008 – Mailwoman
I was actually in New Mexico visiting my sister and her family! So I had to dress pretty conservatively for family trick-o-treating.
2009 – Gold Digger!
“I ain’t sayin she a gold digger”
2010 – Kitty
I kept it pretty simple this year and stayed home to give out candy!
2011 – Playboy Bunny
2012 – Cloud
This is my first year making my costume. Unfortuntely it didn’t make it through the night.
2013 – Hawaii Snow Globe
By far, my favorite costume of all! Click here for a DIY tutorial.
IMG_0926 (1)
2014 – Paper Doll
Practically one of the easiest costume I’ve ever made and another favorite of mine! Click here for a DIY tutorial.

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