This year’s family theme costume is underwater!

I wanted to create Avery’s costume using the Ergobaby carrier because it would be a lot easier holding him that way. He’s six months – barely crawls, can’t stand, and rolls like a bowling ball so I needed him to be secure and comfortable. I did some research and came across a diver and starfish costume that seemed pretty easy to re-create since I knew I wouldn’t have much time to work on it. I figured I would just be a mermaid – but originally I wanted to be a squid!

I only had 3 days to work on the starfish and mermaid costume. I started with the starfish thinking it would just take me a day, but it took me 3. There were some hiccups but thankfully my mom was here to help sew it together! For my mermaid costume, I really wanted a beautifully shelled top that I figure would be easy to do. Nope!!! Shells can get heavy and it just didn’t make sense when I have to carry Avery. So I opted out of the shell top and just went with a crochet looking halter and bought a mermaid skirt on Amazon! Not too thrilled about my outfit but still happy that Avery and Daddy’s costume was a hit!!!

Happy Birthday Grammy



I got this idea from the 1982 film E.T.! It was VERY easy to put together and it turned out better than expected! I got so many compliments, high fives, and everyone wanted to take a picture with E.T.!

Here’s how it all came together!

Materials for E.T. Basket:
grey spray paint
basket (I got mine thanks to Fred Meyer)
duct tape
2 paint rollers

Directions for E.T. Basket:
-spray paint basket grey
-saw off the paint rollers to create the bike handles
-use duct tape to attached the handles onto the basket
-add string to the basket so you can wrap it around your neck for support

Materials for E.T. Face:
cotton balls
needle & thread
transfer paper
white blanket
white t-shirt
glue gun

Directions for E.T. Face:
-find a picture on E.T.’s face online
-when you find the right one, print it out on the transfer paper
-from the transfer paper follow instructions to iron it onto the white shirt
-once it cools, cut about an inch around E.T.’s face
-cut out another shape of E.T.’s face so it has a backing
-turn it inside out and start sewing on the 1 inch (leave a small opening so you can stuff it with cotton balls)
-once you’re done sewing, flip it back so that E.T.’s face is up front and now you can start filling it with cotton balls
-now that E.T. is all stuff, grab the white blanket and start wrapping and gluing around the head to the neck

Complete the look by wearing a red hoodie and you’re off to bring E.T. home!!!

Let me know if you have any questions and have a Spooktacular Halloween!

Happy Birthday Mom!


Since Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, a bunch of my girlfriends and I decided to hit the streets of Capitol Hill! I needed a costume that was cute and sexy, yet fun at the same time. We thought about doing a group costume, but time was running out so it became a solo mission. I came across this gumball costume two years ago and it was always on my saved list, never having the right moment to make it. Well the time is NOW and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome!!!
A crap load of pompoms (I stuck to 2 sizes – small and medium)
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Red dress or a red skirt and a basic top (I purchased a $20 dress from Forever 21 knowing that I’ll ruin it by adding pompoms on it)
Felt (grey & black)

You basically add pompom to the upper portion of the dress until your liking. This took me about two days cause my back started hurting. Afterwards, you cut out a square shape with the grey felt and 25c with the black and glue that on underneath the pompom. I also got an old headband and hair tie and added pompoms to it. And wala…you’re ready to start handing out some gumballs!
Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween! Till next time!!

Oh yah, Happy Birthday MOM!


Besides the fact that my mom’s birthday falls on Halloween, I’ve always loved dressing up and going out with friends! I never really dressed up for Halloween before, only when I moved to Seattle did I realize how fun it can be to dress up as your favorite cartoon character, celebrity, princess, super hero, or occupation.

As I’m looking through halloween photos going back 10 years, I must say that I am getting old! I just don’t look forward to going to the over crowded night clubs anymore. That’s all history! It’s the house/costume parties I look forward to this time of year. Besides, who likes waiting in line to get into a club in the cold, damp Seattle weather?

Another thing that I’ve noticed from past Halloweens is that I’ve become more and more creative with my costumes. Instead of spending well over $60.00 for a skimpy costume I’d likely use once, I realized that making my own costume is cheaper, more fun, and one of a kind!

So thanks to Halloween for giving me a reason to dress up these last 10 years!

2005 – Police Officer
Come on, you know that you’ve been a police officer before…I mean who doesn’t want to get arrested by a naughty Policewoman!
2006 – Construction Worker
You dream it and I’ll build it!
2007 – Pirate
Argh Matey!
2008 – Mailwoman
I was actually in New Mexico visiting my sister and her family! So I had to dress pretty conservatively for family trick-o-treating.
2009 – Gold Digger!
“I ain’t sayin she a gold digger”
2010 – Kitty
I kept it pretty simple this year and stayed home to give out candy!
2011 – Playboy Bunny
2012 – Cloud
This is my first year making my costume. Unfortuntely it didn’t make it through the night.
2013 – Hawaii Snow Globe
By far, my favorite costume of all! Click here for a DIY tutorial.
IMG_0926 (1)
2014 – Paper Doll
Practically one of the easiest costume I’ve ever made and another favorite of mine! Click here for a DIY tutorial.


I thought Halloween was going to be quiet this year, but I got invited to a Halloween party suuuper last min. With no costume on hand plus not wanting to spend a fortune on one either, I quickly got a hold of my artistic friend Andrew! I saw this Paper Doll costume when I was just looking around for costume ideas a while back. It looked pretty easy, few materials were required, and figure I can make it in a day!
Black marker
Box cutter
Foam white poster board
**Most Important: a really good artist!
Well…all my estimation were true, except it took me 2 days!!! Andrew came over and he drew out the dress with the accessories and I basically just box cut around it. I added a ribbon on the back of the dress so that it stayed on me while I was ‘wearing’ it! I got so many good complements from it, plus it’s another DIY costume I can reuse again and again!


I’ve decided to take the creative approach this year and put in some hard work and created my very own original home-made costume.
I’ve decided to be my favorite collector’s item… a snow globe! I figured, why not be something I love? This costume actually took about 3 weeks to make. I had to use a decent amount of acetate for the dome and foam for everything else. I used a good variety of spray paint for color and cotton balls to give it that snowy effect. I chose Hawaii because it obviously stands out and reminds me of home. The top of the dome had a little peep hole so that it was easy for people to hand me food and drinks. I’m surprised that the final product was a huge success not to mention it’s a costume I can reuse over and over again! So just ‘Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture’!
Final Sale! No return, no exchanges, no refunds!