This neighborhood is the heart and soul of Madrid, and our hotel was right in the thick of it. We took full advantage of our prime situation and dove into the Spanish style of life – eating, snacking, drinking, repeat. Oh, and I guess a bit of tourism squeezed in didn’t hurt nobody!

This is one of the busiest and best-known squares in Madrid, and quite literally the center of the city, as all the main roads radiate outwards from this central point.

There are a few important points in Puerta del Sol:

the Real Casa de Correos, an old post office that is now home to the President of Madrid’s Autonomous Community

the Kilometer 0 stone

the “Bear and the Strawberry Tree” statue

the Plaza Mayor, in the heart of old Madrid, is one of the most beautiful and historic spots in the city

the gorgeous Almudena Cathedral

the lovely Royal Palace, one of the most important places in all of Madrid (and Spain in general)

After spending the day sightseeing, we headed back to our hotel for a quick nap and went back out to enjoy Puerta del Sol at night. Mostly wanting to see the giant Christmas tree lit up and the giant Tio Pepe advertisement that’s now part of Puerta del Sol’s skyline.

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