Day 2 of Madrid consisted of more sightseeing!

We started our day at Gran Via. This is the bub of shopping and entertainment in the city. Strolling down this gran avenue is one of the best ways to take the pulse of the city of Madrid!

From there we caught the bus to head to the majestic Retiro Park. Madrid’s take on Central Park, walking through the scenic Retiro Park with its manmade lake is an unmissable part of any Madrid itinerary. It spans over 120 acres and includes dozens of thousands of trees. It’s one of the most popular recreational areas in the city.

Next up is a real Egyptian temple in the middle of Madrid. The Temple of Debod is a true piece of Egyptian history in the heart of Madrid. However, unlike most Egyptian artifacts you can find in the West (cough British Museum cough), this temple was actually a gift from Egypt to the city of Madrid!

We finished off our day at Mercado de San Miguel. This truly is one of the most beautiful food markets I’ve seen in all my travel. Locals and tourists alike pack into the market to sample the delicious tastes of Madrid.

Can you tell which was Avery’s favorite!

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