Trunk-or-treat is pretty new to me, but it’s been around for about 15 years now. Many suburban and rural areas opt for these events for safety reasons, or because of a lack of close neighbors to do actual trick-or-treating. Trunk-or-treat events can be large, almost like a school fun fair, with lots of games and prizes, or simpler, with adults handing out candy from the back of their cars while the kids run around like crazy people. It’s really just the kid-friendly version of tailgating.

My party scene rental company, A Scene Come True was hired to help with setting up a backdrop for Sacred Heart School’s Trunk or Treat Event in Bellevue. It was our first time setting up for an Halloween event and we had such a spooktacular time using life size skeleton, tombstones, candlelights and all sorts of creepy monsters to make one heck of a backdrop!

After we were done setting up, I got Avery dressed in his hotdog costume which was the absolute cutest thing ever and trick-or-treated around! Some of the decorated trunks were simply amazing, the ideas and creativity used was really neat! Avery had a blast and managed to score some pretty decent candies for mama!


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