Living in Seattle for over 10 years, I’ve never heard about this cruise. I love doing tourist-y things for the first time. Mind you, I’ve pretty much done every tourist-y thing there is to do Seattle…at least 5 times!!! So you can say that I’ll be a great tourist guide for anyone wanting to visit [...]


Having spent the last 12 years of my life in Washington, I have become a great tour guide. I know all the hidden gems of the Emerald City and I’m always up for showing friends and family a great time. First up is Ballard Locks which was built in 1911. It provides a link for [...]


Today was a loooong road trip. We ventured our way over to Canada, since it’s supposedly “The Best Place on Earth”. The family was excited because this was their first time there. Since we only planned a day trip, I tried to get as much sightseeing in as I can. We started off a Granville [...]


Once again, I get to sail on Island Stream on Lake Washington. But this time, I’m bringing my brother and his family along for the ride. I just love being out in the water, it’s calm and relaxing. chilling at the bow with Linda Unfortunately, I was not allowed to go swimming mainly because my [...]


Today is my last day of freedom before my pre-surgery prep work. What better way to spend it than on Lake Washington! Thanks to my good friend Devin who took me out on his family boat “Island Stream” and sailed me away from all my stress. Although the weather wasn’t all that great, I still [...]