I had the biggest surprise this morning! My dear friends Stephy (San Francisco), Rachel (Hawaii), and Erlene (Washington, D.C), all flew in to spend some quality time with me. It’s such an amazing feeling to know how much your friends care and love you. I’m so grateful to have amazing and supportive people in my [...]


It’s been a week since my surgery and I’m recovering quite well. I’ve been able to catch up on Storage Wars and Game of Thrones. My eating habits are a lot better and I’m walking around a lot more. Best part of today was that my dear brother Carlo, awesome sister-in-law Darlene, and beautiful niece [...]


I want to start off by thanking my dearest friends for being there every step of the way. From helping create the website, to planning events, and helping me to get up to walk around. Day one of recovery has been quite painful. My incision hurts more than the first surgery. I have the worst [...]


I just want to express my sincere gratitude with a BIG “Thank You” to everyone who has offered their love, prayers, and support. The overwhelming response I received the last twenty-four hours has brought me so much joy and confidence in knowing that this upcoming surgery will be a success. Prayer is my personal comfort- [...]


So I’m back in the ER after vomiting and feeling nauseated the past couple of days. I just can’t seem to keep anything down and it hurts soooo bad just to throw up. I think it was the combination of stress, overexertion, and simply not taking better care of myself after being discharged . I [...]