My dear friend Melanie who I’ve known since the 5th grade has been there by my side to lesson my burden and help me carry this load. I love her and I’m happy to have her as my guest blog for the month.

A Blessing in Disguise

I think cancer is everyone’s greatest fear, they just don’t know it until they or someone they love is personally faced with the struggle. The feeling of losing someone so close to you is virtually unbearable. I know how that feels, first hand, as I lost my mom to colon cancer during my junior year in high school. So as surreal as it was to hear that Camille, who is more of a sister to me than anything else, was diagnosed with this horrible monster of a disease, I just wasn’t prepared to do it again. I just couldn’t come to terms with it even with a new baby on the way. Little did I know how much good could only come of this situation. This experience is truly a blessing in disguise, a confirmation that good things do come to those who hold on to their strength and faith.

To Cams- I know this year has been a tough one for you mentally and physically. I’m sure you know how much love we all have for you. And I’m going to be honest; this experience wasn’t a walk in the park for me either. I was so stressed beyond belief, I felt so helpless because all I could do is be there. I guess had it been the other way around, I ‘m sure I would have found comfort in you just being there as well. Just some words of advice- put all those negative thoughts away. If they start creeping in, just tuck them away and don’t dwell on them so much. I know you’re 30th wasn’t what you expected, but just count on your blessings- you’ve got more to look forward to. And as always, I’ll be there by your side.



One thought on “A GUEST BLOG #2

  1. Ahhhhh I miss you both soooo dearly! happily holidays to you and everyone!
    Mel…I’d like to say thank you as well…I definitely agree with Camille, you have helped her tremendously through this!!. To mur as well, you tremendously helped her through this difficult time!!…You both were there most especially for this difficult moment and I’m sure for every moment…there aren’t enough words to thank you both enough!
    & to everyone else who has helped cam…thank you all so much….blessings to you all always!
    Cam,mur, Mel,…I love you all…you 3 are a blessing for me as well..missing our times so much….thank you for playing a huge chapter in my life as well..will cherish it deep Within my ❤ always……;)
    So here's to…the Laughs we can't stop, the shopping till we dropped, the tears that fell…
    We will now… Laugh LOUDER…shop even LONGER…& smile our biggest EVER!!!! "we got way more to look forward to" 😉

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