I’ve always wanted to go snowshoeing, so when my adventurous friend Chuekyin invited me to go with her this past weekend, I was game!!! I was going to rent snowshoes at REI but they were out, so I went to Costco and bought a pair for $70.00 (I figured if I go two more times, then I would have made my money’s worth on it – plus it came with poles and a storage bag…bonus)


The drive up to Snoqualmie pass was absolutely beautiful!!! It felt like I was entering a magical fairly land – kinda like Narnia!

Finding parking was a bit of a challenge since we went later in the day, but eventually we scored a sweet spot. After gearing up we started heading towards what we thought was the beginning of the trail but only to find ourselves amidst a cheerful crowd of snowshoers, skiers, and families with children sledding down hills. After two hours of snowshoeing, we never found Gold Creek Pond. It was nearly impossible considering all the different trails there was. I can’t complain tho – thanks to the sun I was pretty warm!!!

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