I’ve lost count on how many scans I have done within the past 8 years, but it’s safe to say that I’m still in the clear.

This scan in particular was great. Normally, my CT scans are pretty good – but there have been scans where they found Ground-glass nodules (GGNs) which are hazy lesions that do not obscure underlying bronchial structures or pulmonary vessels. They were small, nothing big to be of concern but none-the-less something that we had to monitor during my yearly scan.

Well, this was the first scan that ALL THE NODULES were gone!! YAY!!!

So I will continue to have my yearly scan till I’ve reached the 10 year all clear mark and from there, will probably do my scans every 5 years or so.

Today is my dad’s 2 year heavenly birthday. Wish I could give him a big hug right now and we can celebrate my 7 years of being in the clear!

Thank you to everyone for your endless support, love, and prayers.


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