This is probably my most favorite family costume to date!

First off, I knew I wanted Reagan to be the Energizer Bunny because she keeps on going and going and going! I had found the pink bunny costume from Mercari and DIY the drum set. Pretty easy-peasy.

For Avery, I wanted him to be the 9V battery. I found the perfect size box and sprayed painted it black and silver and I used a Cricut machine for the Energizer letterings.

As for me and Andre’s costume, we were the double AA and triple AAA batteries. I used a black yoga mat and sprayed painted the bottom silver. For the headpiece, I used a mac and cheese container, sprayed painted it silver and attached it to a headband. Overall, this Halloween DIY costume was pretty easy to do. We got a ton of compliments and Reagan was simply the cutest Energizer bunny around!

It was also nice to enjoy a nice sunny Halloween day in California!

Happy Birthday Mom!

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