Since moving to the West Coast over a year ago, we instantly became In-N-Out fans! Avery enjoys the delicious burger, while Reagan is a fan of the milkshakes…specifically the chocolate flavor one!

While trying to figure out what our family costume will be this year, I thought well…we haven’t done a food theme yet and then it clicked…why not be one of our favorite fast-food restaurants! They have a fun logo, they give away free hats, and let’s not talk about their secret menu!

But first things first…trying to figure out who is going to be who?!?! I thought the costume that will be challenging to make will go to the kiddos since I wouldn’t have to make them so big. I gave Avery the burger since he is a fan of them, and Reagan got the fries cause I only have fries for her 😊 I even made their Halloween basket into drink cups…sooo soooo cute!!! As for Andre and I, we will be the workers since we are use to taking orders from them!

Majority of the costumes were made from a ton of felt, foam (fries) and fabric – a lot of sewing was involved as well. I’ll create a separate post on how I created each costume!

We had an absolute ball, people instantly knew what we were and wanted to take pictures with us! I’ve never had so many compliments on our costumes before! We also stop by our local In-N-Out and the workers were so pleased with our costume that they wanted to take a picture with us as well!!

Another family Halloween costume that was a hit!!!

Hope you all had a safe trick-o-treating with your littles.

Happy Birthday Mom!

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