While so much of my heart might still live in Seattle, the Los Angeles life is pretty good!

Our Los Angeles home is an iconic city, from beachfront hotels to the Santa Monica Pier and the official end of Route 66, Santa Monica is always a must-see for any LA traveler. But for us, this beach city paradise is just home, and we’ve spent the past few months sightseeing, checking out playgrounds and kid-friendly activities, driving around and stumbling at pretty cool gems! There’s just so much things to see and do that we can’t wait to continue our adventures in the new year!

But for now, I wanted to soak in all the sunshine and beach days and just be able to remember this time. Which is why, I wanted to get our holiday phots taken at the ever-popular Santa Monica State Beach Pier!

Krista Mason was amazing to work with and I’m so glad she captured these special moments for us. Something that I will always cherish and remember for years to come.

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