Myself and 13 of my friends rented the Oma Lodge for our ‘4th Annual Homie Holiday' getaway. This is a gorgeous building and my favorite part was EVERYTHING inside was made of wood…the dining room table, the coffee tables, and even the bunk beds !!! The entire home was comfy cozy. It was 25 degrees [...]


I took a mini getaway to San Francisco to attend Leila’s 3rd birthday party. With the sun out, the bouncy castle up, the arrival of the magical unicorn, and the musician playing all the party hits, it was a perfect day for a princess party. Later that evening, we headed to Marin Brewery. This was [...]


We started off our day with a 2 hour drive to the town of Leavenworth to enjoy some beer&brats! We went to our usual cabin spot at Natapoc Lodge in Leavenworth. There was not as much snow as last year, but we still had a awesome time at the cabin. homemade chocolate chip cookies...delish! .foosball.video [...]