It’s been two weeks since the operation and a lot has happened since my return home. My apologizes for not writing sooner, but my meds have really gotten the best of me these days. So lets go back to the beginning.
August 4: Surgery Day
My surgery was set for 8:30 am with a check-in time of 7:00 am. After changing into those beautiful gowns that I’d be sporting for a couple days, I had a chance to meet the entire surgical team. From nurses, anesthesiologists, assistants, and the surgeon, I was ready for another battle. Last surgery everything was so vague because I was completely knocked out before going in, but this time I was awake when I went into the OR and I just couldn’t hold back the tears. I couldn’t help it…so Dr. Pillarisetty held my hand and comforted me while they put the gas mask on and I was off to never-never land.

I don’t quite remember waking up after surgery, my mind was a boggle. Although I do remember that I was kicking and making a fuss about pain, that the nurses had to hold me down and give me more pain meds. My sis finally arrived late in the evening, but I was pretty much out of it for the rest of the day.
August 5: A New Scar
The next morning, a crew of doctors came by and did their usual assessment of how i was feeling, the level of pain I was in, and basically just debriefed me on the surgery. Dr. Pillarisetty came by later that day and gave me the 411 on the surgery. The tumor was 10 centimeters, and that he didn’t have to tamper or remove any other organs which was great news since I can go back to my normal diet. Also that the cells were all necrotic (thankfully, dead) which means that the radiation was effective.

He asked if I had seen my scar and at that time I hadn’t. My thinking was that he was just going to go make an incision through the existing scar, but since the tumor was located on the far left side of my abdomen, it purely made more sense to make a new incision over the tumor. Sadly, he still opened up the old scar but managed to pretty it up by suturing me up from the inside and sealing it with “kragle”. So you can say I had a mini tummy-tuck.
August 6: Up and About
Considering how well I was recovering, Dr. Pillarisetty felt I was ready to go home the next day. So my mission today was to get out of bed, start walking around, and sitting up in the chair. Also to try and start weaning me off of the IV and start taking oral medication. I was also able to start eating normal food; so my first meal was your basic chicken noodle soup, I mostly drank all the soup away…it was delish!
August 7: Good-bye UW Hospital
Before heading home, I met with the physical and occupational therapist about leg exercise, getting in and out bed/shower, climbing stairs and just basically moving around to avoid blood clots.
I was discharged later that afternoon.

And so far things are still a blur!


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