When I found out I was coming to Singapore, I remembered coming across a magazine article of the most incredible pool in the world. Suspended from 3 towers. An infinity pool unlike any other. A pool of my wildest dreams. This pool is the SkyPark at the top of Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, the jewel of the city. Ever since I first laid eyes on that photo, it has been on my bucket list to swim&relax in the famously high pool overlooking the city.
The Marina Bay Sands boasted the most innovative and modern design I had ever seen in a hotel. It contains three tower blocks and a ‘ship’ anchored across the top. At 57-storey’s high, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a room with a view. Developed by Las Vegas Sands, it is billed as the world’s most expensive standalone casino property in the world!
We stayed in a Premier Sea Room for around $350 a night, and for the money we paid, we honestly felt that the rooms were quite ordinary. However, what made the Marina Bay Sands worth the money was the view from our balcony overlooking the beautiful Gardens by the Bay.
Right after settling into the room I threw on my swimsuit, grab a robe, and walk shoeless into the fancy elevator, got up to the 57th floor and was instantly speechless! The infinity pool is even more breath taking than what you seen in pictures. The pool goes to the very edge of the rooftop, you literally feel like you are swimming towards the skyline. I could spend hours in the pool and Jacuzzi marveling at the city views below.
At night we got to watch the amazing fountain light show from the Observation Deck, which is a hub of its own and an pricey one if you’re not a hotel guest. Visitors can pay $23 to head to the deck area but only hotel guest have accessed to the pool – which is a good thing since the pool can get pretty crowded!!!
The next day, I headed back to the pool. I just couldn’t get over this Ahhhhmazing view!
Afterwards, we enjoy a delicious lunch at Cé La Vi Restaurant and Skybar which had amazing panoramic view across the city and all the huge skyscrapers housing international banks and hotels as well as views out onto the bay.
We also checked out a Cirque du Soleil performance – TOTEM under the Blue and Yellow Big Top! The story of TOTEM traces the fascinating journey of the human species from its original amphibian state to its ultimate desire to fly – basically evolution of human.
Overall, staying at the Marina Bay Sands made this Asia trip unforgettable and an experience I will always cherish. The ‘WOW’ moments I receive from friends and family members when I tell them where I’ve went is priceless…Thailand, Laos, and Singapore!!! I was so very, very happy to finally cross off a few things from my bucket list!!! Special thanks to my good friend Andre and Nik for making me tag along with them! You guys are seriously the best travel buddies! Thank you!

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