Myself and 13 of my friends rented the Oma Lodge for our ‘4th Annual Homie Holiday' getaway. This is a gorgeous building and my favorite part was EVERYTHING inside was made of wood…the dining room table, the coffee tables, and even the bunk beds !!! The entire home was comfy cozy. It was 25 degrees [...]


As I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across a Buzzfeed article where the lovely Oregon town of St. Helens transforms into the classic 1998 Disney film “Halloweentown”! In honor of the movie, the town holds an October month-long ‘Spirit of Halloweentown’ celebration . Ecstatic, I immediately made plans to St. Helens to re-live one [...]


While visiting Halloweentown in St. Helens, we found this 100 year old schoolhouse to be right up our alley for accommodations! Thanks Airbnb! Our wonderful hosts, Jason and Diane have turned a historic 2-room schoolhouse into a charming and unique B&B. The entire house has high ceilings, good natural ventilation, and excellent natural lighting. The [...]


Our main reason for this trip was to attend the 21st Annual Pacific Islanders Festival!!! The event was held at Ski beach and finding parking was such a pain that we ended up driving back to the hotel and grabbing an Uber there (highly recommended)! This was a highly anticipated event for me since I've [...]


I just got back from a mini weekend getaway to sunny San Diego! Since this was going to be a quick trip, I tried to pack in as much sightseeing, eating/drinking, and more importantly meeting up with friends and families as I can!!! We flew early Friday morning via Alaska Airlines and I’m still amazed [...]


My amazing 4th of July weekend consisted of…a beautiful beach house, fishing, BBQ, fireworks, drinking games, sun bathing, and a dirty 30 birthday celebration. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect weekend of total relaxation and laughing our butts off!! Before heading back home, we stop at Freeland Café for a delicious “hawaiian-style” breakfast! [...]


It’s been awhile since I made a trip down to Portland, Oregon! Since the weather was going to be somewhere in the 80s, we decided to make a weekend getaway! When in Portland, it’s a MUST to make a stop at the famous “Voodoo Doughnut”! I got the VooDoo because it was a MUSTDOO…hehe!!! Also [...]


I took a mini getaway to San Francisco to attend Leila’s 3rd birthday party. With the sun out, the bouncy castle up, the arrival of the magical unicorn, and the musician playing all the party hits, it was a perfect day for a princess party. Later that evening, we headed to Marin Brewery. This was [...]