It’s been awhile since I made a trip down to Portland, Oregon! Since the weather was going to be somewhere in the 80s, we decided to make a weekend getaway!
When in Portland, it’s a MUST to make a stop at the famous “Voodoo Doughnut”! I got the VooDoo because it was a MUSTDOO…hehe!!! Also had a taste of the cheerios doughnut – let down was the cheerios topping which tasted pretty old & stale.
Being nicknamed “The City of Roses”, it was quite obvious where our next stop would be. The International Rose Test Garden was undeniably beautiful…but would have been better if the roses were in full bloom! Nonetheless, we still enjoyed ourselves walking around Washington Park enjoying the scenery and the amazing art work.
The Guinness Book of Records coined Mill Ends Park the World’s Smallest Park. A spacious 416 square inches of wilderness! It was so cute and charming, I loved it!
Featured on Diners, Drive-In, & Dives – the PDX671 food truck located at Rose City Food Park serves delicious, affordable and truly authentic Guamanian cuisine! The shrimp fritters and the Kelaguen Mannok was bomb.com!
Best part of the trip was seeing my dear friend Cindy!!!

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