Making: financial decisions
Cooking: fried pork belly
Drinking: peach ice teas
Reading: Cravings by. Chrissy Teigen
Wanting: my hair to grow faster
Looking: for a black belt with silver buckles!
Playing: Candy Crush
Wasting: water bottles
Wishing: happiness for you
Enjoying: outdoor summer concerts
Waiting: for Ubers!
Liking: Boscia face wash
Wondering: where my next adventure will be
Loving: the time being spent with my siblings! So glad they came to visit Seattle!
Hoping: to one day start a business
Marveling: at my life and how far I’ve come and enjoying every moment of it
Needing: people to buy my clothes on Poshmark so I can buy more clothes (a never ending clothing cycle)
Smelling: grapefruits
Wearing: grey Kraken backpack
Following: Leiomyosarcoma Direct Research Foundation. Find me here
Noticing: I’m not a size 25 anymore and don’t think that I ever will be
Knowing: that I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions, or unnecessary conversations
Watching: workout videos and wishing I was doing it
Listening: to This American Life on Podcast
Thinking: about starting a bowling team. I need 1 more girl and 2 guys! Anyone interested! Must live in the Seattle district!
Feeling: sad that the my sis & bro is leaving, but extremely grateful for having them over!
Bookmarking: benches
Opening: storage boxes and once again needing to start downsizing
Giggling: at Boomerang!
Feeling: so behind on blogging

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