Making: file tags to be more organized
Cooking: absolutely nothing! since coming back from my trip, I don’t think I’ve set foot inside the kitchen
Drinking: peppermint tea from Trader Joe’s
Reading: “Chew” written by John Layman with art by Rob Guillory
Wanting: to hit the snooze button…like 10 more times!
Looking: for tickets to SF
Playing: sungka with my niece Mae
Wasting: life thinking about the “what ifs”
Sewing: gonna start looking for a class
Wishing: for an cancer-free-adventure-filled year!
Enjoying: the Seahawks spirit
Waiting: for the weekend, heading to Leavenworth for some fun cabin adventures!
Liking: that “Friends” is now available on Netflix…all 10 episodes!
Wondering: why?!?
Loving: the “selfie” stick – definitely best thing I took on my trip!
Hoping: that my 2nd scan at the end of this month goes well
Marveling: at the barista from Moore Coffee who makes drinking mochas so much more fun!
Needing: motivation to hit the gym
Smelling: “Luna” Scentsy bar
Wearing: Dr. Martens boots
Following: a to-do list…
Noticing: that my closet is getting out of control again – so glad spring is just around the corner
Knowing: that I should just move on…
Watching: Top Gear UK
Listening: to Serial on Podcast….I’m hooked!
Thinking: about going back into the restaurant industry
Feeling: jet lagged
Bookmarking: treehouses
Opening: up storage boxes so I can finally put away the Christmas ornaments
Feeling: exhausted

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